Everest Base Camp Trek, 5364m

Everest base camp trek was certainly a milestone, but also a turning point for me when I realised climbing Mt. Everest is very real.

I went to Everest Base Camp Trek off season. There wasn’t many groups and I was the only foreigner in the tea houses we stayed. The group I was supposed to join cancelled last minute and so I had my own guide and porter along the way. We were very lucky with sunny and clear weather, which made our trek a truly enjoyable experience 🙂

I bonded with my newly acquired Nepalese friends and learned about Sherpa culture. People were very welcoming, sharing their stories and showing videos of their weddings. We sang traditional Sherpa songs, did a bit of Sherpa dancing and played games. It was a true deep dive to the culture of the locals.

We then went to see Lama – a spiritual local leader. According to tradition, Lama’s blessing is required to climb any of the mountains in the area. Given we were to climb Island peak, 6189m after the trek, this was a planned stop on our way. Spirituality of the locals fascinated me. I greatly enjoyed our rituals.

This trip allowed me to explore the fascinating world of Himalayas,  learn about local culture and their ways. Such lengthy treks also allow one to clear their mind, re-assess what is important in life and focus on what really matters.

Enjoy life and see you in my next blog post!

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