Humantay Lake, 4200m on crutches

Picture: Lake Humantay, 4200m

The trip to Peru was anticipated for a long time, lots of thought and planning went into it. The plan was to travel around the country, go on a trek reaching maximum altitude of 5200m. This would be a good altitude training, while enjoying amazing views.

However, a week before the trip I have fallen and ended up on crutches… you can read full story in my blog post ‘How set back can be a good thing?’. I had to re-organise all my travel plans. It became a lot less adventurous, but still very enjoyable, given Peru is a beautiful country.

The highlight of the trip, the trek, was on a way. I have made several adjustments and still decided to give it a go.

Part of the trek I was taken by horse, given the crutches situation and part of the trek in a very funny, but determined way I jumped through on my chunky bold crutches. I was surprised how supportive the passing adventurers were cheering me all the way up. With a lot of effort and cheering, I have reached a very decent height of 4200m. Lake Humantay was magnificent and absolutely worth the challenge.

I took the rest of the trip easily and let my injury recover – the better recovery goes, the stronger I will get back to my adventurous lifestyle. If I learned anything from this experience is that whatever is the situation in one’s life, going out of the comfort zone and taking on adventures could surprise one with how amazingly supportive and kind people around you can be.

Enjoy life and see you in my next blog post!

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