Project Everest: Turning Point

Picture: Everest Base Camp

Mountains are a lot of things to me. It is the rush and feeling of achievement that I get after the hard work when I am on a top. It is admiration of the beauty, calmness yet powerful vigorous energy of the mountains all at the same time. It is also about all the fascinating cultures that live in these environments. Mountains are a lot of things and can also be a hostile and dangerous environment. However, Everest is another beast – It is the king of the mountains and climbing it is an ultimate goal of many mountaineers.

It is when I went to Nepal last year, for the first time I thought of Everest Climb becoming a reality. I went to Everest Base camp and up Kala Patthar, 5545m just next to it where I could see Everest just in front of me. I was looking at it and in that moment, I realised that the biggest dream in my life can actually become a reality.

It was in that moment, I decided to be brave…to dare to follow my craziest dream; to dare to go for most mind-blowing adventure, to dare to re-imagine my future and change my vision of the world.

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